Zeroids from Ideal (1968)

Company: Ideal | Release date: 1968 | Where to purchase: eBay

Here they come… from the planet Zero
the workers of the future.

Released in 1968 from Ideal, the Zeroids were a set of three motorized robots from the planet Zero: Zerak, Zobor, Zintar. Later, a fourth robot named Zogg was added to the line.

At the heart of every Zeroid was a small, removable DC electric motor powered by 2 AA batteries. When powered on, each robot could move forward through a combination of wheels and rubber treads located in its base. An “automatic reversing tile” also located in the base allowed each Zeroid to reverse course when rolling over a special plastic plate.

Each Zeroid came in a different colour and featured a unique set of capabilities:

Zerak – The Blue Destroyer was marketed as the group’s leader and could grab and hold onto objects with its unique hook hands.

Zobor – The Bronze Transporter was the trio’s pack mule, able to store lightweight items in its storage case. With integrated wheels, the case could be transformed into a “cosmobile” that could latch on to a hook in Zobor’s base and be pulled along with the robot. Zobor was also equipped with a set of spring-loaded claws for hands.

Zintar – The Silver Explorer had hands and spring-loaded opposable thumbs, as well as a storage case that could be converted into a special lunar sled propelled by Zintar’s treads.

All three original Zeroids shipped with an interchangeable set of magnetic and throwing-cup hands that added additional possibilities to playtime. Ideal also offered several accessories and playsets tied into the line, including the Solar Cycle and Missile Defense Pad.

Before the line was discontinued, Ideal added Zogg to the mix. The green robot succeeded Zerak as commander-in-chief of the team and was initially sold as part of the much larger Commander Action set. As a next-generation Zeroid, Zogg featured an internal light bulb and pair of Dyno-Arms that could be used to activate various features of the Command Center: the Space Scanner, Radar Antenna, and Hypno-Scope.

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