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A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today.

Worldwide Day of Play

Worldwide Day of Play is an annual event created by Nickelodeon to encourage children and their parents to turn off the television, step away from their connected devices, and get outside to play. You remember outdoor play, right? In support of the September 30 event, here are a few classic outdoor games that continue to stand the test of time.

Lawn Darts

While the Consumer Product Safety Commission officially banned Lawn Darts in 1988, the game remains a nostalgic favourite of many people. Versions of the classic Lawn Darts can be purchased without the metal dart that that was deemed harmful to public safety.


The earliest instance of croquet traces back to London in 1856. Since that time, variations of the mallet sport have sprouted up around the world. The game teaches strategy and patience; great skills to nurture at any age.


Horseshoes aren’t just for horses. This pitching game is great for those who like a more relaxed approach to outdoor activity but one that still crowns a winner. Horseshoes come in a variety of weights, making this a great outdoor game for all ages. Just make sure no one wanders onto the playing field mid throw.


This game of Italian origin is a family-friendly pursuit played on a lawn or othersoft surface. Bocce strengthens hand-eye coordination and is great for mastering angle recognition, a skill that also comes in handy when learning to drive.

Kick the Can

While many children still play Hide and Seek, Kick the Can seems to have fallen out of favour. In Kick the Can, players get a chance to free “caught” players by kicking a can before being caught themselves. This can lead to a long game. Bring snacks.