Vincent Price Scary Stories

There are few voices that pull us into the past as powerfully as Vincent Price’s. Through his early radio shows and many movies, Price created a persona both creepy and calming at once. His voice and his image are instantly recognizable.

Did you know Vincent Price also released about a dozen spoken-word albums? Open Culture, an online resource of cultural and educational media, offers over eight hours of digitized Vincent Price audio classics. The topics range from spooky stories to instructions about how to cast spells, create love charms, and craft your own witches cauldron.

Vincent gets a lot of love around Halloween but is largely forgotten the other 364 days of the year. That’s 364 missed opportunities to let Vincent’s velvet voice shape your day or usher you to slumber. Any day is a good day to listen to Vincent Price.

Gateway recording: Witchcraft ~ Magic: An Adventure in Demonology (1969)