V-RROOM! by Mattel (1963)

In 1963, Mattel released a series of vehicles with a common attribute: the sound of a roaring engine. Enticingly, the toy line was called V-RROOM!

The V-RROOM! Power Wrecker featured a working winch, an engine that roared, and a siren that wailed at the flip of a switch. An integrated spring propelled the vehicle from point A to point B.

The same sound patterns were also integrated into the V-RROOM! Pickup Truck. Made of high-impact plastic, the 15-inch-long vehicle “roared like a real truck” with a pump of its control handle.

Much to the chagrin of unsuspecting parents, the V-RROOM! Mobile Missile Launcher came with Howlerr! Action. As the missile launcher was moved into position, the engine emitted a high-pitched roar. Firing the attached missile caused the toy to blast a siren wail as the rocket shot 20 to 30 feet in the air.

All three toy vehicles operated without batteries.

Other vehicles in the V-RROOM! Line included a cement mixer, skip loader, whip racer, and a standalone motor.