Tissue Tones, Room Mates, and Plush Point from Mattel (1971)

In 1971, Mattel released a trio of craft sets that creatively combined coloured tissue, foam board, wire, and burlap.

Tissue Tones allowed junior artists to create wall décor using specially designed artboards and coloured tissue. Pieces of tinted tissue paper were individually numbered to correspond to locations on a pre-designed illustration. Tissues were held in place using glueglaze and an applicator.

There were eight different Tissue Tones to choose from in two different sizes (14-inches x 18-inches and 8-inches x 10-inches). The selections included tissue paper and a mix of artboard depicting still-life scenery, animals, and sports scenes. Frames were not included.

Room Mates applied the coloured tissue design motif from Tissue Tones to three-dimensional objects. The line included four uniquely shaped vases, two with narrow necks and two in a milk bottle shape.

The creative process was similar to but more involved than Tissue Tones. Pieces of numbered tissue paper were added in specified places on each vase and held in place by glueglaze.

Plush Point sets allowed children to create pictures using coloured wire and a colour-coordinated decorator background that contained the outline of an image. Kids would punch holes in the image as indicated in the instructions, then filled the holes with different colours of “plushwire” that were cut into various sizes and pushed into place.

Eight different Plush Points came in two sizes (11-inches x 14-inches and 8-inches x 10-inches). The selections included a mix of still-life scenery and animals. Frames were not included.