The Gerry Anderson Podcast

The Gerry Anderson Podcast celebrates the prolific British writer/director and the worlds he created during his production career.

Gerry Anderson created some of the most memorable television series of the 1960s and ’70s. Thunderbirds — a science-fiction series filmed using his signature Supermarionation production style — ran for 32 episodes and inspired a collection of toys and games. Space: 1999 — a live-action series — similarly captured the attention of audiences for its unique interpretation of life in space. Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, UFO, and Terrahawks all contributed to Anderson’s reputation for producing memorable storylines and characters for television audiences.

Anderson’s legacy and influence on popular culture are explored in The Gerry Anderson Podcast. Hosted by Jamie Anderson (Gerry’s son) and Richard James, the weekly audio series invites collaborators, including voice actors and music composers, to share their stories of working with him. Celebrity fan Gary Numan guests on an episode to talk about the ways Anderson impacted his work. A segment called Randomizer with Chris Dale examines a single episode from decades’ worth of Gerry Anderson productions.

Fans of Gerry Anderson are never without a way to indulge their interests. The Gerry Anderson Store offers toys, games, media, and other merchandise relating to Gerry Anderson productions. The game Thunderbirds: Danger Zone from Anderson Entertainment caught our attention, as did the Thunderbirds FAB 1 from Scalextric.