Thunderbirds FAB 1 from Scalextric

Move over, Parker. Now you can take control of Lady Penelope’s iconic FAB 1 with this new 1:32 scale slot car courtesy of Scalextric!

First introduced in 1965 on the British science fiction series Thunderbirds, the FAB 1 is a customized six-wheel Rolls Royce plastered in pink paint and featuring a bulletproof bubble canopy. Owned by International Rescue agent Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, this magnificent motor car sports a slew of special features that include front and rear-mounted machine guns, a smokescreen canister, oil slick dispenser, and even extendable hydrofoils for travel on water.

A seriously stunning set of wheels that perfectly captures the spirit of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s classic supermarionation series, the FAB 1 is an unmistakable piece of pop culture history that belongs alongside the likes of Doc Brown’s DeLorean and David Starsky’s bright red Gran Torino.

Now ready to race on your favourite Scalextric track, this new model is the single biggest car ever produced by the U.K.-based manufacturer and is derived from the vehicle’s appearance in the original Thunderbirds television show. Nestled within the luxurious interior of the FAB 1, fans will find the faithful butler Aloysius Parker behind the wheel and Lady Penelope in the back giving the orders. Further mirroring its on-screen counterpart, the new FAB 1 also features a pristine pink coat, eye-catching chrome trim, and an intimidating grille capping an angular hood.

Engineered to take full advantage of the Scalextric track range, the FAB 1 features Magnatraction for added downforce and tire (“tyre” if you live in the United Kingdom) grip. This is accomplished via a small magnet mounted to the vehicle’s chassis, which attracts it to the steel rails built into the track. Additionally, the car is compatible with the innovative Spark Plug wireless dongle, which allows fans to race their vehicle of choice using an Android or iOS smart device and the free Scalextric Spark Plug app! As if that’s not enough, the model is also Digital Plug Ready (DPR) and can easily be converted for use on Scalextric Digital circuits in as little as 60 seconds.

Want to add one to your collection? The Thunderbirds FAB 1 slot car is available for pre-order now through a number of online and specialty retailers. While U.K. fans can get theirs through the official Scalextric website for £53.99, North American collectors can secure one now through The Official Gerry Anderson Store for $78 USD. The FAB 1 is slated to begin shipping out in spring 2024.

Are you excited to add this FAB-ulous model to your slot car collection?

Company: Gerry Anderson | Available: Spring 2024 | Price: $78 USD