Matt Proulx, Vice President, Location-based Entertainment, Hasbro

Matt Proulx is the vice president of location-based entertainment at Hasbro. In this edition of The Friday Five, Matt shares details of the recently announced MONOPOLY LIFESIZED 4D experience opening in London, England in August 2021.


MONOPOLY LIFESIZED is a new, first-of-its-kind participatory gameplay attraction that brings together the best of the iconic board game, challenge rooms, and team competition. The attraction will open in London in August 2021 and tickets are on sale now on the website.

The Friday Five

What elements of the Monopoly board game create an engaging 4D experience?

MONOPOLY LIFESIZED consists of a 75-minute gameplay segment on a 15m x 15m board, featuring eight Properties, two Utility Companies, two Train Stations, Jail, Free Parking, Go, and Just Visiting. Each board can host between eight and 24 people split into four teams, all playing against each other. Each team will have their own personal MONOPOLY token – Top Hat, Scottie Dog, Boot, Racing Car, etc. – leading them around the game, taking scores, and giving hints where required. Each property square will have a full-sized location-specific room behind it that players enter to participate in a challenge to “acquire” that particular property. The challenges will be a mixture of physical and mental puzzles and games to test players’ skills and lateral thinking, and will be themed appropriately for the square, featuring either some historical or current-day relationship with that part of London.

The Friday Five

What was involved in the development process of MONOPOLY LIFESIZED?

MONOPOLY: LIFESIZED came about through a collaboration between Hasbro and GAMEPATH, which is a new division of internationally renowned theatre producers, Selladoor Worldwide. The experience was created by a talented team drawn from across the immersive theatre, tech, and escape room worlds. We also worked with Clockwork Dog as gameplay consultants for their extensive experience in designing and building immersive and technically impressive escape room games. We’ve been working together on this concept since 2018 and are excited to finally share our vision with the world.

The Friday Five

How do location-based experiences complement the Hasbro brand?

Location-based experiences are an important part of our licensing strategy. We want to provide more ways for families and fans to experience the brands they love. Our portfolio of internationally beloved family brands – like NERF, Transformers, My Little Pony, and our vast games portfolio – are uniquely positioned for these kinds of experiences.

The Friday Five

Can we look forward to more classic Hasbro board games being adapted in similar ways?

Absolutely! We are always looking for new ways to interpret and expand our brands into these types of experiences. Many of our board game brands are a natural fit for location-based experiences, as individuals and families are familiar with the gameplay and looking for new and fun ways to spend time together outside of the home.

We certainly look forward to opening the MONOPOLY LIFESIZED experience and cannot wait to create similar experiences with many of our other brands.

The Friday Five

Visit MONOPOLY LIFESIZED online to learn more and buy tickets.