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Tammy Tea Set from Ideal (1962)

Introduced by Ideal in 1962, the Tammy doll was the company’s competitive answer to Mattel’s Barbie. Standing 12 inches tall, she was advertised as “the doll you love to dress,” a reflection of the wide range of complementary clothing and fashion accessories that were made available for her. Tammy was consistently portrayed with a wholesome “teenager next door” vibe. Her clothing wasn’t high fashion and she had a less curvaceous body styling.

The Tammy Tea Set is one of the activity sets that Ideal marketed as part of the Tammy toy line. The set consists of a two-piece place setting of tin plates and saucers, plastic cups, a tea pot, and chromed plastic cutlery.

Tammy was on toy shelves until she was discontinued in 1966. To this day, the Tammy family of dolls remains popular with collectors.

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