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Take-Along Embroidery Set from Hasbro (1965)

Company: Hasbro
Release date: 1965
Ages: 5-10
Where to purchase: eBay

It’s Easy! It’s Fun! It’s Useful!

In the 1960s, Hasbro released a line of Take-Along sets that allowed children to craft on the go.

The Take-Along Embroidery Set (#1515) consisted of all the supplies needed to stitch a sampler, including a set of cardboard embroidery loops, needles, thimble, and thread in various colours. The set also included several stamped fabric and circular cardboard templates that could be turned into customized napkins and coasters. The instructions introduced kids to the fundamental concepts of chain stitching and cross stitching and how those stitches could be applied to projects.

To encourage portability and ease of storage, the Take-Along Embroidery Set came packaged in a cardboard carrying case that measured 10-inches by 6-1/4-inches by 2-1/4-inches with a metal latch and handle.

Other entries in the Take-Along line included a Take-Alone Sewing Set and a Take-Along Knitting Set.

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