Swap Mobile from Remco (1967)

Company: Remco | Release date: 1967 | Where to purchase: eBay

“The Most Exciting Car Ever!”

In 1967, Remco released Swap Mobile, a souped-up sports car with interchangeable engine parts.

The car’s base engine (style 7060) consisted of a single plated V-8 engine and chrome hood ornament. Three additional engine assemblies were sold separately and could transform the Swap Mobile into a Piston Pusher, Turbo Jet, or Rocket Car.

  • Piston Pusher (style 7061) included a working Pusher Prop attachment, bubble canopy, and plated hood ornament.
  • Turbo Jet (style 7062) featured a working turbofan attachment, bubble canopy, and plated hood ornament.
  • Rocket Car (style 7063) included a spinning flame rocket attachment and a plated hood ornament.

Switching engine setups was accomplished with a simple squeeze to remove an existing component and snapping a new one into place — a process much less “magical” than depicted in Remco’s advertising.

To add motion, the Snap Mobile was powered by two C-batteries activated by an on/off switch in the base. When turned on, the motor started the moveable components in the car’s various attachments.

In addition to selling individual assemblies, Remco also marketed a Swap Mobile gift set that featured all four engine assemblies and a combo pack that paired the base engine with the Piston Pusher modification.

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