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Super Helmet 7 from Topper Toys (1965)

Company: Topper Toys
Release date: 1965
Where to purchase: eBay

“Boys who dare will want to wear Super Helmet 7!”

In 1965, Topper Toys released Super Helmet 7, electronic headgear that allowed kids to mimic “men of action”, like jet pilots, skydivers, and race car drivers — a claim the company featured in its advertising campaigns.

The “7” in Super Helmet 7 was a reference to the seven safety features built into the helmet’s all-plastic and shock-resistant core. Using one D-cell battery, kids had access to left and right directional signals, a safety warning buzzer, a rear reflector light, a detachable flashlight-headlight, and a top-mounted flasher light. To complement the helmet’s lighting capabilities, tinted amber goggles and protective ear flaps were included.

After sales of Super Helmet 7 ran their course, Topper re-purposed a stripped-down version of the helmet for use with its Johnny Lightning car line. In addition to removing the safety features, Topper offered the helmet in blue and red versions.

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