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Star Trek Super Phaser II Target Game from Mego (1976)

Company: Mego
Release date: 1976
Where to purchase: eBay

Released in 1976 by Mego, the Star Trek Super Phaser II Target Game was a projectile-free target game that preceded Laser Tag.

The game consisted of two pieces: a quasi-replica of the phaser used in the TV show, and a target reflector badge featuring a picture of a Klingon D7 battle cruiser. The phaser’s light beam and “sonic buzzer device” were powered by two AA batteries and one 9-volt battery.

The object of the game was simple: aim, press the trigger, and hit the target with a beam of light. A successful effort resulted in a satisfying buzzing sound. With no moving projectile, the game was marketed as “the safest target game ever!”

While the game lacked the accuracy of its successors, it still provided hours of fun, especially for neighbourhood landing-party combat missions. It also contained some pretty cool box art.

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