Soapsters from Kenner (1976)

“Clean up with Soapsters!”

In 1976, Kenner released Soapsters, a line of bathtub toys designed for kids ages 2 and up. Designed by Marvin Glass & Associates, each Soapster held a standard 3 ½-oz sized bar of soap inside. Suds were generated automatically thanks to moving soft foam rubber wheels.

Soapsters came in two options: Suds Buggy, a modified Volkswagen, and Soapy Turtle, a smiling tortoise with a green shell and red wheels.

In 1977, Kenner ran a Bathtub Safety Appliques Promotion on Soapsters packaging. For only $0.50 and a proof of purchase, kids could receive a set of green Soapy Turtle bathtub appliques or a set of yellow Suds Buggy bathtub appliques. Each set consisted of 12 pieces.