Skyro from Amsco (1975)

Company: Amsco | Release date: 1975 | Where to purchase: eBay

“The Fantastic Flying ‘O'”

Amidst the rising popularity of frisbee as an outdoor, family-friendly game, Amsco introduced Skyro, its own variant on the flying disc.

Released in 1975, Skyro’s design took advantage of several aerodynamic principles. Shaped like a circle, the toy rotated like an airplane propeller, developed vertical lift like a helicopter rotor, and maintained its spin like a windmill. The secret lay in equally spaced holes in the plastic ring.

Unlike a frisbee, Skyro was oriented vertically in the hand, much like how one holds a water glass. From that position, the toy could be flung up in the air or thrown straight ahead. Weighing a scant 8 ounces, Skyro could achieve distances of more than 200 feet — with practice.

Soon after the Skyro release, Amsco began positioning the toy as a “toss game,” challenging players to compete against each other to see who could throw it the farthest.

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