Sesame Street Turns 46!

9 fast facts brought to you by the number 46

Orange You Supposed To Be Green?

Oscar The Grouch used to be orange.

Count That!

Count Dracula’s birthday is Oct. 9, 1,830,653 B.C.

A Star Is Born

In 1970, Ernie’s signature song “Rubber Duckie” reached no. 16 on The Billboard Hot 100.

A New Beginning

James Earl Jones was the first celebrity to appear on the show.

Some Secrets Are Better Kept

Snuffleupagus has a first name – Aloysius.

He’s One Big Bird!

Big Bird is 8’ 2” tall.

High Five

Cookie Monster has five fingers on each hand.


In total, Burt and Ernie have one eyebrow.

Elmo In Armani

Elmo once testified before Congress.