Sea Wees from Kenner (1979)

“Beautiful mermaids love to play in or out of water!”

In 1979, Kenner released Sea Wees, a new line of dolls crafted for use in and out of water.

The mermaid-like dolls stood 4 inches tall and featured moveable heads and long-rooted hair that could be styled with an included plastic comb. In keeping with the aquatic theme, each doll also came with a lily pad-shaped sponge that floated in water.

Kenner’s first run of Sea Wees included Coral, Sandy, and Shelley. Each doll was personified with a different hair colour and outfit.

Kenner also released Sea Wees Lagoon, an aquatic playset to complement the line. The floating home offered a built-in lounge area, shower, lagoon, sea horse, sponge coral, and blowfish-shaped accessories.

The popularity of the initial release allowed Kenner to expand the line over the next five years through the release of new playsets and dolls, including See Wees n’ Babies (1981), TropiGals (1982), ICY-Gals (1983), and Bubble Ballet (1985).