Scream’n Demons from Hasbro (1971)

Company: Hasbro | Release date: 1971 | Where to purchase: eBay

“Race ‘Em! Chase ‘Em! Collect ‘Em! Trade ‘Em!”

Released in 1971, Scream’n Demons was a line of fast-moving motorcycle toys from Hasbro and heavily influenced by the popularity of biker movies and culture at the time.

Each 7-inch chopper was powered by two AA-batteries and included an attached rider with a removable helmet and a jump ramp. The bikes were outfitted with chrome accents and styled handlebars, as well as menacing symbols like skulls, flames, and wolf heads.

Hasbro initially released six Scream’n Demons with equally appropriate names: Big Buzzard, Doom Buggy, Tiger Shark, Lunatic Fringe, Crazy Horse, and Dirty Devil.

A Scream’n Demon was launched into action by flipping up its kickstand, which doubled as an on-off switch. Once in motion, the toy propelled forward with a loud clicking sound that could loosely be interpreted as a “scream.”

While each demon could be used as a stand-alone toy, Hasbro also released two playsets for the line, Daredevil Dragout! and Daredevil Challenge! The sets allowed kids to put the Scream’n Demons through their paces in drag-racing and stunt-racing challenges.

After its release in 1971, the toy line was marketed for the next two years by Matchbox.

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