Satellite Launcher from Ideal (1957)

Company: Ideal | Release date: 1957 | Where to purchase: eBay

Wind ‘em up… watch ‘em go!

In 1957, Ideal launched its own space race with the release of Satellite Launcher.

The Launcher was made of high-impact plastic in bright colours and measured 17-inches long x 6 ¾-inches high x 6-1/2-inches wide. With a Batmobile-esque base, the toy was mobile and could be rolled by a child to a launch location of their choice.

Once in place, the mechanical launching device on the back of the mobile unit could be tilted up to 45-degrees. A push-trigger release propelled one of four polyethylene satellites into the air. The Satellite Launcher also featured a storage area, a radar control tower that could rotate 360-degrees, and an elevating radar screen.

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