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Puppet Love Theater from Mego (1978)

Company: Mego
Release date: 1978
Ages: 6 and up
Where to purchase: eBay

After releasing the Puppet Love line of finger puppets in 1977, Mego next provided amateur puppeteers with Puppet Love Theater, a stage to put on their own shows.

The first and only Puppet Love series consisted of six finger puppets drawn from classic fairy tale characters: Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Prince Charming, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. Each puppet had a posing stand and costumes appropriate for the character. In its advertising, Mego promoted the puppets as “soft and cuddly with washable hair.”

The Puppet Love Theater was a plastic playset in which the various characters could be brought to life. A pink cardboard curtain framed the stage and three scenic backdrops were provided: Forest Clearing, Village Street, and Cozy Cottage. These could be swapped in and out of the structure.

To animate their productions, kids could attach a puppet to one of four stands and rotate them in unison via a crank/handle attached to the side of the stage.

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