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Prehistoric Dinosaur Playset (#4208) from Marx (1978)

Company: Marx
Release date: 1962
Where to purchase: eBay

“Realistic mountains and trees create the setting from action fun!”

Released in 1978 by Marx, the Prehistoric Dinosaur Playset (#4208) immersed children in an epoch when dinosaurs ruled the earth.

Over the years, Marx produced a variety of dinosaur playsets. Design inspiration for set #4208 came from the company’s previously released Prehistoric offerings from the 1960s and 1970s.

Marx included a plastic terrain consisting of a mountain, a pond, and a connecting natural rock bridge. All three pieces were coloured gray, while two trees and two ferns added a splash of foliage to the scene. A vinyl play mat completed the scene.

Twenty assorted dinosaurs were included in a mix of cobalt blue, bright banana yellow, and reddish-brown — clearly not a natural colour palette of the dino era. An identification sheet was provided to help kids identify each dinosaur species with a short description of its attributes.

Despite being separated from dinosaurs by more than 60 million years, a set of 12 cavemen was also included in the Dinosaur Playset. The cave dwellers were set in various fixed poses and could be intermingled throughout the diorama.

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