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A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today.

Poppin Hoppies from Ideal Toy Company (1968)

Released by Ideal Toy Company in 1968, Poppin Hoppies is a heart-pounding, quick-action family game for two to four players ages five and older.

The object of Poppin Hoppies is to be the first player to complete the assembly of a two-dimensional plastic figure. This is accomplished by catching spring-loaded Hoppies as they randomly pop into the air, allowing players to earn the coordinating coloured piece of the plastic figure. The game box contains 8 Hoppies (two yellow, two red, two green, one blue, and one white), one plastic playing board, and coloured plastic components of the figure.

Game set-up is straightforward: unfurl the plastic game board, place the Hoppies on their designated spot, depress the suction-cup equipped Hoppies and keep the pressure on until all the Hoppies are ready. Players then remove their hands from the Hoppies and wait for them to spring up into the air. Catch the Hoppies before they land! Hoppies that fall back onto the game board (or the floor, as often happens) need to be reset on the game board to continue the round. The round is complete when all the Hoppies have been caught. Players then exchange each Hoppie they have caught for the same coloured piece of the plastic figure. Rounds are played until a player has fully assembled their plastic figure thereby winning the game.

In the words of P. Henry Hoppie, “Keep on your toes, kiddies!” Watch a vintage commercial for Poppin Hoppies.


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