• A pair of Navy Blinker Code Lites from Hasbro
  • Packaging for Navy Blinker Code Lites from Hasbro
  • The shutter of Hasbro's Navy Blinker Code Lite
  • Morse Code alphabet

Navy Blinker Code Lites from Hasbro (1961)

Company: Hasbro | Release date: 1961 | Ages: 8+ | Where to buy: eBay

“Boys ‘N Girls can send their own secret messages!”

Navy Blinker Code Lites were originally introduced by Hasbro in 1961 as part of a naval-themed toy line.

Inspired by the traditional signaling methods used by the U.S. Navy, the lights were sold in sets of two and allowed children to simulate naval communication using Morse Code. Operating on a single D-battery, each light was equipped with a camera-style shutter and a finger trigger to control the flashing light codes. Pulling the trigger and quickly releasing it indicated a DOT (short signal) while pulling the trigger and holding it longer indicated a DASH (long signal).

To assist with “ship to shore”, a.k.a. house-to-house communication, Hasbro embossed the Morse Code alphabet on the back of each light. A compass built into the handle could be used for wayfinding.


Navy Blinker Code Lite sets regularly appear on secondary markets. Make sure your set includes the illustrated cardboard insert that houses each light. Corrosion-free battery contacts are also a strong indicator that the lights were stored properly between uses.

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