Mystery Maze from Marx (1976)

Released in 1976 from Marx, Mystery Maze was advertised as “the inscrutable game of skill and luck.”

Two to four players try to beat the clock and guide their four coloured marbles into one of the entry holes in the revolving Game Center scorer. The Game Center was divided into eight pockets, each having different scoring values. The various point values were masked by a Score Cover that also served as a timer for the game.

As the timer ticked away, players used individual control knobs to move each marble through the maze and into an entry hole. The knob allowed players to move marbles up, down, clockwise, and counterclockwise.

The game ended when one player successfully worked all four marbles into the center of the game or until the game shut off. At that time, the Score Cover was removed. Points were tallied for each player. The player with the most points was declared the winner.