Mobile Radio Loudspeaker System from Remco (1950s)

In the mid-1950s, Remco released a variety of toys with a focus on verbal communication, including wrist radios, intercom systems, and even a nifty electronic radio station. The quirky Mobile Radio Loudspeaker System was one of the highlights of Remco’s their audio-centric toy line.

This mobile toy came in the form of a large 2-foot, 6-wheel “mobile unit” consisting of a futuristic-looking truck cab and attached trailer. Four D-batteries powered the toy from the cab, which was also decked out with a long-beam rotating searchlight and two Frankenstein-style light switches that allowed for user-controlled light and sound.

The pièce de résistance of the system was, of course, the built-in radio loudspeaker. With audio enabled, the player could speak into the wired microphone and deliver surprisingly clear, amplified sound. And if that wasn’t enough to waken a slumbering sibling or two, a bonus loud buzzer signal system could be layered on top of your voice.

To the relief of parents everywhere, this portable PA system for kids had a short four-year shelf-life.

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