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Mini Disney The Haunted Mansion from LEGO

Mini Disney The Haunted Mansion (40521) is the LEGO Group’s latest entry in its series of scaled-down Disney attractions.

Joining last year’s Disney Castle, the Haunted Mansion is a miniature build-and-display model of 680 pieces paying homage to the Disneyworld Haunted Mansion ride. Resting on a 16-stud x 16-stud base, the final build stands 5-inches tall x 4-inches wide x 4-inches deep and is geared to Disney fans ages 12 and up.

The model includes a cut-away that reveals part of the mansion’s interior, including dining room, chandelier, and a gallery. Fans of the full-sized ride will recognize the iconic paintings of the Hitchhiking Ghosts, Madame Leota, and the Gravekeeper. An exclusive Butler minifigure is included.

Mini Disney The Haunted Mansion from LEGO checks in at $39.99 USD and is available in LEGO stores and the company’s online store.

Company: LEGO Group | Available: Now | Price: $39.99 USD

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