Matchbox Aircraft Kits (1973)

First introduced in 1973, Matchbox Aircraft Kits extended the company’s line of diecast model cars to include a set of plastic aircraft model kits.

Designed to appeal to modelers of all ages, the kits were 1/72 scale and ranged from World War I biplanes to more modern jet fighters and helicopters. Each kit came with a set of full-colour decals and a multi-position base stand that allowed for “high-action poses.”

Out of the box, each airplane came pre-molded in two colours, which varied depending on the aircraft and provided a finished look without need for painting. The line proved to be so popular that Matchbox continued to add new styles as well as a new, more extensive line of 1/72 scale aircraft, molded in three colours that featured working and moving parts, flaps, and landing gear.