Masters of the Universe Deluxe Latex Masks from NECA

By the power of Grayskull, Masters of the Universe is turning 40!

Since starting life as a line of pumped-up plastic toys from Mattel, this much-loved ’80s marque has spent close to a half-century assembling an empire of cartoons and comics. While many a lesser brand have fallen by the wayside, Masters of the Universe continues to remain a fixture in the pop-culture landscape, seemingly unaffected by the passing of time.

To celebrate the franchise’s milestone 40th, NECA has announced a new line of powerfully cool sculpted latex masks. Including some of He-Man’s biggest baddies, these full-head pullover masks are based on the classic toy appearances of Skeletor, Beast Man, Mer-Man, and Trap Jaw. Perfect for costuming at conventions and parties or displaying in your home, each mask is designed to fit most. They retain the classic look and feel that made the original Mattel action figures a massive hit.

Each of the Masters of the Universe masks are priced at $49.99 USD. Currently, both the Skeletor and Beast Man masks are in stock and shipping now. Mer-Man and Trap Jaw can be pre-ordered through the official NECA online store until Tuesday, October 17th and will begin shipping out to consumers in February 2024. NECA recommends placing separate orders for pre-order and in-stock items, as orders will not ship out until all of the items in an order have arrived.

Which classic character will you add to your MOTU display?

About The Inspiration
Masters of the Universe is a sword and sci-fi-themed media franchise created by Mattel in 1982. The main premise of the property centres around the conflict between the heroic He-Man and the sinister Skeletor on the planet Eternia. There, a vast array of supporting characters exist in a hybrid setting that combines elements of both medieval fantasy and science fiction technology.

Beginning as a line of beefy 5.5-inch action figures that ran until 1988, Masters of the Universe would go on to sell $38 million worth of merchandise in its first year alone, with profits ultimately climbing to an astronomical $400 million by 1986. Eventually becoming one of the most collected toy lines in history, Masters of the Universe continues to delight fans of varying ages thanks to a new generation of toys, comics, and animated shows like Kevin Smith’s Masters Of The Universe: Revolution on Netflix.

About NECA
Established in 1996, NECA is a leading creator, marketer, and global distributor of licensed consumer products based on some of the world’s most recognizable movies, video games, comic books and television shows. Located in New Jersey, the company has produced a number of action figures, accessories, toys, dolls, and prop replicas from such brands as Alien, Back To The Future, Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Crash Bandicoot, Godzilla, Jaws, King Kong, Predator, Spyro The Dragon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Karate Kid, Tomb Raider, and Universal Monsters.

Company: NECA | Available: Now | Where to Buy: NECA | Price: $49.99 USD