Magnastiks from Ohio Art (1961)

Company: Ohio Art | Release date: 1961 | Where to purchase: eBay

“The magnetic wonder builder.”

In 1961, Ohio Art released Magnastiks, a construction set that allowed children to “experience the wonder of magnetism.”

The toy came in a red snap-lid case that housed a blue plastic insert with 4 integrated permanent magnet plates. The plates served as the base for any magnetic structure.

Below the plates was a series of 6 compartments that contained over 100 free-form zinc-plated steel parts. Ohio Art included a mix of differently shaped pieces in each set, including rectangles, discs, bars, and triangles. The magnetized parts could be linked in various combinations, allowing kids to create structures, vehicles, and figures.

A Maggie Rod was also included, allowing junior builders to grab a magnetic part out of a storage compartment. Illustrated instructions provided a guide for some sample builds and featured an educational section on “The Mystery of Magnetism.”

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