Magic Erasable Pictures from Transogram (1950s)

Company: Transogram | Release date: 1950s | Where to purchase: eBay

In the 1950s, Transogram released a series of colouring books that provided a creative outlet without paper waste.

Each Magic Erasable Picture book was spiral-bound and consisted of seven or eight pages of illustrations ready to be filled in with colour. The “magic” was created by a plastic laminated coating that could be erased by wiping with a rag, leaving a blank slate for future colouring sessions. Each book came with an attached set of four Magic Erasable Crayons housed in a box at the top of the book. As an added bonus, the back cover contained a blank, erasable slate for freehand designs.

Transogram produced Magic Erasable Picture books for various subjects, including In the Country (farm animals and pets) and In the City (skyscrapers, trucks, bridges, markets). These general topics were augmented with magical renditions based on popular television shows of the time, including The Gray Ghost, Zorro, Ruff and Reddy, and The Mickey Mouse Club.

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