Luscious Limbs from Pressman (1968)

In the 1960s, Pressman released Luscious Limbs, a wacky product that allowed children to “feast on edible ears and other parts of the body.”

The quasi-baking/horror toy consisted of a plastic mould, spoon, and mixing cup. Pressman also included three packets of powder mix in the box: Detestable Green, Detestable Red, and Detestable Yellow.

The mould contained a series of cavities in the shape of body parts, including ears, lips, hands, and feet. To create a batch of ghastly edibles, children combined the powder with water in the mixing cup and poured the concoction into the mould. The mix congealed within a short amount of time without the need for cooking or freezing.

Around the same time, Pressman also released Delicious Detestables!, a second set that allowed children to create edible snakes, bugs, reptiles, and spiders.