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Lone Ranger Adventure Sets from Gabriel (1973)

Company: Gabriel
Release date: 1973
Where to purchase: eBay

In 1973, Gabriel Toy Company released an extensive toy line inspired by The Lone Ranger, a fictional, domino-mask-wearing, former Texas ranger dedicated to fighting injustice in the Wild West.

The Lone Ranger Rides Again! toy line comprised a series of 8.5-inch and 10-inch action figures, articulated horses, a covered prairie wagon, tepee, and numerous playsets. Gabriel was known for dedication to quality and detail, and these attributes were apparent throughout its Lone Ranger product releases.

Each adventure set came in a window box complete with action-oriented illustrations encouraging children to act out a wide variety of adventures. In addition to the various accessories included in each set, many came with a tie-in mini-comic book around which the set was designed. Several of the adventures were based on particularly suspenseful episodes of the television series from the 1950s.

The initial release of adventure sets included The Lost Cavalry Patrol, The Hopi Medicine Man, The Red River Floodwaters, The Tribal Powwow, The Missing Mountain Climber, The Hidden Silver Mine, The Apache Buffalo Hunt, The Carson City Bank Robbery, The Landslide Adventure, The Blizzard Adventure, and The Hidden Rattler Adventure.

In 1976, Gabriel added two additional deluxe adventure sets: The Mysterious Prospector and The Solitary Trapper.

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