Lolli Plop from Milton Bradley (1962)

Company: Milton Bradley | Release date: 1962 | Ages: 6+ | # of players: 1-2 | Where to purchase: eBay

“Lolli Plop! Lolli Plop! Lolli Plop Quick! Flip the Marbles down the Stick!”

In 1962, Milton Bradley released Lolli Plop, a brainteaser in lollipop form. The game came with two colourful plastic replicas of all-day suckers, each 8-inches high. Each see-thru Lolli Plop contained five marbles visible inside, four black and one white.

Gameplay consisted of holding the Lolli Plop upright, shaking it up and down, and trying to flip marbles into the hollow handle and down the hollow handle. The first person to successfully flip all five marbles down the handle was declared the winner.

The game’s instructions came with three game variations. The Time Race Game pitted two players or teams to see who would be the first to secure all five marbles in place. The Count Game was for any number of players and had players count the number of shakes required to flip all five marbles down the shaft. The player with the lowest shake count was declared the winner. Finally, the object of The Patience Game was to get the four dark marbles down first, leaving the white coloured marble last.

Lolli Plop allowed players to “shake ‘em up and down” for eight years before disappearing from store shelves.