Live-n-Learn Play Boot from Matchbox (1977)

Company: Matchbox | Release date: 1977 | Ages: 18 months+ | Where to purchase: eBay

Released in 1977 from Matchbox, the Live-n-Learn Play Boot was a playset that encouraged children to create scenarios for a family that lived in a colourful and cozy plastic boot.

The central feature of the toy was a plastic replica of a boot completed with laces. The white, yellow, and brown boot hinged open at the toe, side, and roof to allow little hands access to the interior and accessories.

The roof flipped open to expose a pretend clock. Accessories such as a front gate with mailbox, fences, chairs, table, beds, family figures, and playground structures like a slide and merry-go-round were all included with the toy. The fixed interior elements of the boot included windows, curtains, a television set, coffee table, shelves, and a fireplace. It was easily portable thanks to an exterior bootstrap located at the back of the toy.

A faux entrance marked “Mouse” adorned one side of the boot. Illustrations of flowers and woodland creatures such as a rabbit, squirrel, bluebird, butterfly, snail, mushrooms, and mice were represented around the boot.

The Live-n-Learn line featured a variety of toys designed to represent everyday places and activities. Some of the other toys produced by Matchbox for the collection included the Live-n-Learn Fire Engine, Live-n-Learn Farm, Live-n-Learn Busy Jump Rope, and others.


It can be difficult to find a complete edition of the toy given the number of accessories that came in the box. The toy does appear regularly on marketplaces such as eBay and Etsy, making it easy to replace the pieces that were lost over time.

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