• A set of 007 Secret Agent Walkie-Talkies from Gabriel
  • Box art and packaging for Gabriel's Secret Agent 007 James Bond Walkie Talkie Set

James Bond 007 Walkie-Talkie Set from Gabriel (1965)

Company: Gabriel | Release date: 1965 | Ages: 3+ | Where to buy: eBay

In 1965, Gabriel released James Bond 007 Walkie-Talkies, a set of two-way radios that enabled junior secret agents to embark on imaginative spy missions complete with clandestine communication.

Each walkie-talkie ran on a standard 9-volt battery included in the box and worked at 27.065 MHz within the Citizen Band (CB) radio frequency range. A set of 007 walkie-talkies offered an average communication distance of approximately 300 feet (in an open field). Under the hood, each radio contained standard components for two-way communication, a quartz crystal oscillator for transmission, and a “super-regenerative” circuit for reception.

Gabriel’s packaging for the walkie-talkie set was outstanding. The inside of the box featured four illustrations of a 007-esque secret agent in various locations using the radio as part of their covert mission. The box cover featured a facsimile of a young Sean Connery, the actor who originated the role in 1962.


007 fans and collectors of vintage communication toys will pay a premium to find a set of James Bond 007 walkie-talkies in virtually new condition. The radio’s internal circuitry decays over time, while use by children “in the field” caused general wear and tear on the cardboard casing and telescoping antenna.

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