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Hot Wheels Collectors Original 16 Display Set from Mattel

Company: Hot Wheels / Mattel
Available: Now
Price: $499.99 USD plus shipping & processing

In Mattel’s ongoing celebration of Hot Wheels’ 50th anniversary, the company is releasing a showroom-style display set featuring reproductions of the first 16 original die-cast cars from 1968. Hot Wheels Collectors Original 16 Display Set recreates original department store displays from back in the day and includes individual platforms to showcase each vehicle with a city skyline in the background. A slide-out tray built into the base provides storage for all 16 cars when they’re not on display.

The 16 included cars are the Beatnik Bandit, Cheetah, Custom ’67 Firebird, Custom Plymouth Barracuda, Custom Camaro, Custom Corvette, Custom Cougar, Custom Eldorado, Custom Fleetside, Custom Mustang, Custom T-Bird, Custom Volkswagon, Dodge Deora Concept, Ford J-Car, Hot Heap, and Silhouette.

Each car features a “Spectraflame finish” paint job and Neo-Classics Redline wheels. Some models also include hoods that open, and matte black roofs.

Priced for the die-hard Hot Wheels fan, the Original 16 Display Set checks in at $499.99 USD. It’s extremely limited in availability, with only 1,500 being made. On November 6th, Red Line Club Members will have the first chance to purchase the set. 36 hours later, any remaining sets will be offered to Hot Wheels club members.

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