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Handy Andy Tool Sets from Skil-Craft Corporation (1950)

Company: Skil-Craft Corporation
Release date: 1950
Where to purchase: eBay

Skil-Craft included this mini-comic book in select Handy Andy Tool Sets.

“The name… Quality made Famous!”

Skil-Craft Corporation’s Handy Andy Tool Sets gave children access to small-scale, working versions of adult tools.

The sets came in different sizes for different ages of young carpenters, and shipped in brightly coloured lithographed metal boxes emblazoned with the Handy Andy mascot. Each set featured a selection of Skil-Craft’s “Blue Diamond” tools, an in-house brand the company touted in advertising for long-lasting performance, dependability, and the ability for children to develop real carpentry skills.

The scaled-down tools included a saw, hammer, level, screwdriver, chisel, square, pliers, ruler, pencil, triangle, wrench, and sandpaper. Larger sets also included multi-tier storage in the form of a lift-out tray. All sets included a Project Manual, complete with diagrams and sample models to work on.

Skil-Craft sold Handy Andy Tool Pouches and Belts to complement the Tool Sets. Made of top-grain cowhide leather, the accessories allowed children to carry their tools with them, just like adults did. The enduring popularity of Handy Andy Tool Sets allowed Skil-Craft to continue to churn out their brand of small hand tools for decades and set many kids on a career path in carpentry and woodworking.

Handy Andy Tool Sets remain popular with collectors and nostalgic adults, although it can be challenging to find them in pristine condition with all the tools intact.

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