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Godzilla ReAction Figure Wave 1 – Shogun Godzilla from Super7

Fans of Mattel’s iconic Shogun Warriors toy line from the late 1970s can now add a new version of everyone’s favourite kaiju to their collection.

Offered by Super7 and recommended for fans ages 14 and up, the Godzilla ReAction Figure Wave 1 – Shogun Godzilla is a pint-sized version modeled after the classic Shogun toy. Standing at only 3¾-inches tall, the figure features a spring-loaded retractable “flame” tongue. Special throwback packaging completes the offering.

Super7 is releasing Shogun Godzilla as a Comic-Con@Home exclusive as part of their Spectacula Kinda Sorta Still at Home-ic-Con event. Adding the King of Monsters to your Kaiju collection will set you back $25 USD. Pre-orders are taking place later this month.

Company: Super7 | Available: July 2021 | Price: $25.00 USD

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