Funny Bones from Parker Brothers (1968)

Company: Parker Brothers | Release date: 1968 | Ages: 8+ | # of players: 2 or more adult couples | Where to purchase: eBay

Released in 1968 by Parker Brothers, Funny Bones was an interactive card game that challenged adult couples to score points by holding oversized cards between two body parts without dropping them.

The game was an attempt by Parker Brothers to parlay the success of Twister into another party game where physicality was an essential element.


Like most party games, Funny Bones was easy to set up. Twenty-three cards were spread out face-down on the floor in close proximity to two or more couples standing side-by-side.

On their turn, each couple picked up a card from the floor and followed the humorous instructions printed on it by placing and holding the card between their bones as indicated. Sample directives included “shin bone connected to the knee bone” and “ear bone connected to the shoulder bone.” Each card carried a different point value. The higher the points, the more challenging the “bone-on-bone” connection.

After picking a card, the players, if possible, had to return to an upright standing position. The game proceeded this way until one couple could not maintain their connection and dropped two cards, ending the round. At that time, each couple totalled and recorded the point value on all the cards they successfully held between their bones.

Play continued for three rounds when points for all three rounds were totalled. The couple with the most points was declared winner.


A complete Funny Bones set included 23 full-colour cards. Instructions were printed on an additional card and included in the box.


Funny Bones never really caught on in the adult party game circuit. Used copies are readily available on the secondary market, making it easy to find a copy in almost-new condition for a reasonable price.