Feeley Meeley from Milton Bradley (1967)

Company: Milton Bradley | Release date: 1967 | Ages: 5 to adult | # of players: 2-4 | Where to purchase: eBay

“The game that gives you a FUNNY FEELING!”

Created by game designer, Emanuel Winston, and published by Milton Bradley in 1967, the Feeley Meeley party game relied on players’ tactile senses to identify hidden objects before their opponents.

The game box came complete with a grab box, 24 tiny plastic objects, and 24 picture cards matching each of the plastic objects. Objects included a miniature monkey, crocodile, hair brush, red checker, black checker, elephant, serving tray, horse, donkey, fork, spoon, comb, lamb, rhinoceros, teeth, calf, dog, shopping card, buffalo, tiger, frog, goat, pig, and hand mirror.

The goal of the game was to be the player holding the most objects at the end of the game. To begin, two to four players, ages eight and up, first placed the objects inside the grab box (a cardboard box with a hole on each of the four sides) and shook the box to randomly distribute the items. Next, the cards were shuffled and placed face down on top of the box.

Players were advised to rest their playing hand on the box top and sit slightly forward to prevent peeking inside the box. Players took turns flipping over a card and the hunt began with everyone simultaneously plunging their hands into the grab box to feel around for the object represented on their cards. When a player believed they had located the item, they pulled it out of the box. If their guess was incorrect, they sat out the rest of the turn. But, if they held the object matching their card, the card was set aside for the rest of the game and the player kept the object for their collection.

The player who successfully located the object turned over the next card and the cycle continued until the grab box was empty. The player with the most correct objects at the end won the game.

Although Feeley Meeley is no longer published, the game lives on in popular culture. Fans of The Conjuring horror movies franchise may recognize Feeley Meeley as one of the haunted objects in Lorraine and Ed Warren’s possession in Annabelle Comes Home.

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