Electric Quiz Games from Remco (1968)

Company: Remco | Release date: 1968 | # of players: 1 or more | Where to purchase: eBay

“The mystery light signals the correct answer.”

In 1968, Remco released a series of electric quiz games with printed circuit boards to challenge players with a series of trivia questions and answers.

All Electric Quiz Games shared a uniform setup and required a single AA-battery. A double-sided cardboard game card was placed on top of the circuit board that was integrated into the game’s packaging. Each card was split into two sections: the left side contained a series of questions while the right side contained a list of potential answers. Each card provided 18 questions and 18 possible answers per side.

To test their wits, players first selected a question by placing a wired, electric probe through a small hole punched into the card below it. A second probe was then placed on the corresponding answer. If a player guessed correctly, the game’s “mystery light” was illuminated. The player with the most correct answers was declared the winner.

Remco’s electric quiz product line included a wide range of topics, including history, sports, fairy tales, and general knowledge. The company also released Electric Movie Quiz Game with a tie-in to the musical fantasy film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

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