Electric Puff Ball from Hasbro (1962)

Company: Hasbro | Release date: 1962 | Where to purchase: eBay

“A thrilling electrical game for the entire family.”

Released in 1962 by Hasbro, the Electric Puff Ball game blended marksmanship and air currents into a two-player game of skill.

Running on three D-batteries, the “jet action” game featured a hardwood playing surface measuring 30-inches long x 20-inches wide x 2-inches tall, propped up with 3 ½-inch legs.

Players positioned themselves at opposing ends of the board to operate one of two air guns powered by an enclosed motored fan. Red and yellow plastic scoring bunkers were placed at pre-determined locations on the board and matching Styrofoam balls were positioned on white circles in front of each gun.

The object of the game was to propel one’s coloured balls into the same-coloured bunkers. Points scored ranged from 10 to 25, depending on how far the bunker was from the opposing side. Once all balls were secured in a bunker, individual scores were tallied. The player with the highest score was declared the winner of the round and placed a coloured peg to mark the victory into one of four slots on the winning side of the game board. The first player to win four games was declared the winner.

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