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Easylock Bricks from Reliable Plastics Co. (1956)

Company: Reliable Plastics Co.
Release date: 1956
Where to purchase: eBay

“Creative hobby fun for the whole family!”

In the late 1950s, Reliable Plastics of Toronto, Canada released Easylock Bricks, realistic-looking building blocks made and moulded of unbreakable Polythene. Sets were available in four sizes: 120, 222, 309, and 622 pieces.

Easylock bricks were touted for their ruggedness and were also scratch-proof and washable. Each set offered children a wide range of different pieces to assist in their building efforts, including full and half bricks, gable bricks, coping bricks, single, double, and triple lintels, left and right windows, over-head door panels, left and right doors, door side panels, picture windows, garage doors, garage door frames, and roofs. An instruction booklet with illustrations was included.

Easylock Bricks were packaged in tubular containers with colourful labels that promoted creative play.

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