Deluxe Susy Goose Housekeeping Set from Kiddie Brush & Toy Co. (1965)

“For your eager little housekeeper.”

In the mid 1930s, the Kiddie Brush & Toy Co. of Jonesville, Michigan, released a line of housekeeping toys under the brand name Susy Goose that remained on store shelves through the late 1960s. On some packaging, Susy was depicted as a white-haired grandmotherly figure and the goose was presented as her faithful sidekick.

The 7-piece Deluxe Susy Goose Housekeeping Set consisted of a child-size Bissel metal sweeper (a popular brand at the time), a genuine Susy Goose floor mop, duster, broom, dustpan, apron, and a real Dupont sponge (invented by the company in the 1940s.)

The set was packaged in a colourful box that also served as a storage option when not in use.