Debbie Lawler Daredevil Jump Set from Kenner (1974)

In 1974, at age 21, Debbie Lawler broke Evel Knievel’s world long-distance jumping record when she guided her motorcycle 101 feet over 16 Chevy pickups in the Houston Astrodome.

The next year, to help commemorate the achievement and Lawler’s other accomplishments, Kenner released the Debbie Lawler Daredevil Jump Set. Part of its Turbo Tower of Power (TTP) toy line, the Jump Set’s action figure bore a passing resemblance to Lawler and could “do real daredevil stunts, pop wheelies, and jump over 15 feet” while attached to the motorcycle.

The set came with a cardboard ramp (decorated with Lawler’s signature heart symbol), 4 orange cones, a tape measure, and Kenner’s standard TTP launcher. Like other TTP products, the Lawler set featured “turbo sound,” a jet-like whine emitted as children pumped the TTP launcher before releasing the motorcycle.

Lawler suffered a career-ending accident shortly after the Jump Set was released and the toy was pulled from the market. It remains a rare and valuable find for collectors of the line.