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A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today.

Curious George: 75 Years of Boundless Curiosity

As Curious George celebrates 75 years of mischievousness, let’s take a slightly cheeky look back at the seven “Original Adventures” written by creators Hans Augusto Rey and Margret Rey that made this little monkey a household name.

Curious George (1941)

The Man With The Yellow Hat Spots George In His Natural Habitat. George’s Life Will Never Be The Same.

Curious George Takes A Job (1947)

George Escapes The Zoo Only To Discover He Needs A Job To Pay Off His Food Bill.

Curious George Rides A Bike (1952)

Give George Two Wheels And He Runs Away To Join An Animal Show.

Curious George Gets A Medal (1957)

Professor Wiseman Enlists George For An Experiment After Threatening To Send Him Back To The Zoo If He Doesn’t Comply.

Curious George Flies A Kite (1958)

George Learns That No Matter What Trouble He Gets Into, The Man Will Show Up In His Helicopter To Save Him.

Curious George Learns The Alphabet (1963)

George Learns The Alphabet And Uses His New-Found Knowledge To Score A Huge Bag Of Doughnuts.

Curious George Goes To The Hospital (1966)

During Another Visit To The Hospital, George Cheers Up Some Sad Humans And Learns That Nurses Have A Great Sense Of Humor.


Curious George Continues To Enthrall Children Today. Through Clothing, Games, Television, And Apps, George Ensures His Place In Our Hearts For Years To Come.