Corgi Juniors DC Comics Superheroes Vehicles (1979)

In 1979, as part of its Corgi Juniors line of die-cast toy vehicles, British toy manufacturer Corgi Toys released a series of vehicles with direct tie-ins to several popular DC Comics superheroes.

The 1/64-scale cars were designed to be affordable while retaining a level of detail that characterized the brand. Low-friction “Whizzwheels” were added to most models to compete with Mattel’s Hot Wheels and Lesney’s Matchbox Superfast toy lines.

In addition to their ability to zoom around playing surfaces, many of the Corgi Juniors vehicles offered one or more interactive features. The cars featured in this comic book advertisement included:

  • Superman Van with doors that opened to reveal an interior Superman laboratory
  • Daily Planet Helicopter that fired rockets
  • City of Metropolis Police Car with doors that opened and closed
  • Supermobile with push-button “striking fist” action
  • Daily Planet Van
  • Batbike with rocket launchers and drop-down bike stand
  • Batmobile
  • Batcopter with working rescue winch and flick-spin rotors
  • Penguinmobile
  • Jokermobile
  • Wonder Woman Wonder Car
  • Shazam! Thunderbolt