Colossal Cars Collection from Monogram (1976)

In 1976, Monogram reinforced the notion that bigger is better with the release of its Colossal Cars collection.

The model kits were 1/8th scale reproductions meaning they were 1/8th the actual size of the full-sized cars they were replicating. The large size made them easier to build and allowed Monogram to incorporate a series of realistic features, like real rubber tires, wheels that turned, liftable hoods, crank windows, and doors that opened and closed.

Unlike their smaller counterparts, a Colossal Car’s parts were all moulded in colour. This paint-free approach reduced the build time immensely and allowed children to play with their creations without waiting for paint to dry.

Monogram released three Colossal Cars that were replicas of trendy full-sized counterparts:

Big “T” Street Rod: The kit was modelled after the iconic Ford Model T Roadster. Over 16 ½-inches long, it was equipped with rubber tires, a Chev 327 V-8 engine, cowl lamps, a winged Boyce MotoMeter, and a working steering wheel.

’65 Corvette Sting Ray: At over 22-inches long, the Grand Touring Car came with a detailed engine chassis and suspension, luxurious interior and instrument cluster, steerable front wheels, and a hood that opened.

Jaguar XKE: Standing at 21 ½-inches long, the kit came complete with real rubber tires, turnable front wheels, a realistic instrument panel, doors that opened and closed, and a hood that tilted forward to reveal the highly detailed engine.