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Chuckers from Gabriel (1980)

Company: Gabriel | Release date: 1980 | Ages: 5+ | # of players: 2 | Where to buy: eBay

Released in 1980, Chuckers from Gabriel was a chaotic action game combining marbles, flipping tiles, and Gnip Gnop vibes.


Chuckers was designed for two players. To begin, each player chose a colour (yellow or orange) and sat facing each other with a 3 x 3 grid of tiles in front of them, all set to their chosen colour.

Using a set of five marbles and three plastic launchers, players attempted to launch and land their marbles onto each others’ tiles, causing the tiles to flip and change colour. A successful flip resulted in the marble dropping into the opposing player’s plastic tray and becoming available to launch in the opposite direction.

Gameplay continued with each player rapidly and repeatedly launching their marbles onto the playing surface until they were lucky enough to flip an entire horizontal row of six tiles in their colour. The first player to win five rounds was declared the winner.


A complete Chuckers game included one game platform with a translucent plastic shield, four rubber tips, 18 plastic flippers, 10 marbles, and a sticker set comprised of a game label, 36 labels (18 yellow, 18 orange) for the two-sided flippers, and four player labels. Printed instructions were included in the box.


Copies of Chuckers are plentiful on the secondary market and easily added to a collection.

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