Interesting facts about vintage toys and vintage games


The Pokémon franchise has garnered over $100 billion in sales since its launch in 1996.

Satoshi Tajiri

“Developing Pokémon wasn’t me telling everyone what job to do — really, it was more like each staff member taking responsibility for what they felt most passionate about.”

Marvin Glass

“I think that the industry for years has talked about innovation, creativity, originality, drama, and when it’s confronted with that sort of thing in its pristine form, it gets scared to death.”

Interesting facts about vintage toys and vintage games

Marvin Glass Toys and Games

Marvin Glass & Associates developed memorable toys such as Mr. Machine, King Zor, Madcap Molly, Lite-Brite, and notable games including Mouse Trap, Mosquito, Big Mouth, Gnip Gnop, Simon, and Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots.

Pedro Flores

“I am more interested in teaching children to use the yo-yos than I am in manufacturing of yo-yos.”

Interesting facts about vintage toys and vintage games

Yo-Yo Manufacturing Company

Pedro Flores founded the Yo-Yo Manufacturing Company in Santa Barbara, California in 1928. He sold his interest in the company to Donald Duncan Sr. in 1932.

First Word Search Puzzle

The first word search puzzle was created by Oklahoma businessman Norman E. Gibat and published in March 1968.

Norman E. Gibat

“I was looking for something that would be easy for people to work while they were waiting in line at the grocery store.”

Bent Larsen

“Lack of patience is probably the most common reason for losing a game, or drawing games that should have been won.”

Bent Larsen

In 1988, Bent Larsen became the first chess grandmaster to be defeated by a computer in a tournament game.

Charles M. Schulz

“People shouldn’t be embarrassed just because they get caught acting a little silly.”

Charles M. Schulz

Charles M. Schulz illustrated, wrote, and lettered every one of the 17,897 Peanuts comic strips produced.